Why does the PDF reader say document certificate unknown?

Your notarization is valid and completed. The issue is that Adobe PDF reader cannot read the digital certificate. If you use any other PDF reader (like Foxit), it will be able to read the digital certificate. Please refer to these step-by-step instructions for additional help with Adobe.

Validating a digital certificate in Adobe

1. Navigate to the signature panel on the left toolbar or click the signature panel on the banner at the top of the document.

2. In the signature panel, right-click the notarial seal and click “Show Signature Properties.”

3. In the Signature Properties pop-up, select “Show Signer’s Certificate” button.

4. Select the IGC CA 1 above the notary's name.

5. Select the trust tab and click “Add to trusted certificate.”

6. Close out the pop-ups and go to the signature panel again and right-click “Validate Signature.”

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